Future Kennington

In response to Lambeth Council’s 2007 feasibility study for the regeneration of Kennington London, David Howel-Evans of HEO Studio and myself identified the need to consider the broader local context.

We explored our local area to get an understanding of the needs of Kennington’s people through discussion with residents, school users, local businesses, Councillors and Lambeth’s Regeneration Team.

With our interest in creating quality places of relevance to the local needs of context and community, we considered the proposed isolated development sites. By looking at a 400m diameter area, the equivalent of a 5 minute walk representing 80% of London’s journeys by foot, centred on the front door of the former Lillian Baylis School site we established the relevant local considerations. These include the River Thames fronted businesses, Newport Street Arts Quarter, the Lambeth Walk Open Space. We looked at where the public realm supported these connections between the places which people already enjoyed.