Walnut Tree Walk School

The school recently carried out refurbishment work to their central London Victorian building. In discussion with the Governing Body we established the next phase of work could be to look at their external spaces and use the process to involve the whole school community.

The pupils of the School Council, in their role as client representatives, have taken part in workshops with The Sorrell Foundation at their Young Design Centre at Somerset House, considering the common design themes of colours and materials, communication, learning spaces, reputation and identity, social spaces and sustainability.

Back at school the School Council presented the design themes to their class peers which helped each pupil to develop their own thoughts. The Big Ideas Wall at the school’s Spring Fair gave the opportunity for all of the 250 primary school pupils to see each other’s ideas, discuss with their families and bring together the school’s common vision.

A brief has been compiled with their vision, whilst the next stage is to develop the design continuing the consultation with the school.